Terrible Trips

A collection of some of the most terrible, cold, polluted, desolate, unusual, abandoned, untraveled, mysterious, unique holiday spots that the world has to offer. Come on a journey with me and discover some truly terrible trip destinations...

  • yakutsk
    Terrible Trips

    Yakutsk – The Coldest City on Earth?

    Have you ever stepped outside and realised it’s so cold that you can feel the liquid on your eyes chilling between blinks? I have, it happened a long time ago, in a little city known as Yakutsk. There are some…

  • Picture of downtown Detroit
    Terrible Trips

    Detroit – The Most Dangerous City in America?

    Ever seen a thin, pale guy with braces and a bad haircut tackle the hood? In Hollywood perhaps. I’m no Hollywood guy myself. I’m what I would like to coin an ‘anti-tourist’. If it’s touristy, then I am running away…

  • Header image of Norilsk airport
    Terrible Trips

    Norilsk – The Most Depressing City on Earth?

    Welcome to Norilsk In a world of almost limitless travel opportunities, in a world full of Thai-massages and good times, it seems there are very few travelers who throw caution to the wind and venture to Russia. Then, from those…


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