• Terrible Trips

    Dzerzhinsk – The Most Toxic City on Earth

    Picture of clouds over Dzerzhinsk

    Cue the endless columns of lanky birch trees swooshing by as I sat, stuffed full of cheap, subpar quality train food. There was an obvious progression from healthy trees to shithouse. Sickly unhealthy. Something about them wasn’t entirely right and you just couldn’t put your finger on it. Maybe like they had an STD, harmless on the outside but when you took off their clothes, their shafts were rotten. The city of Dzerzhinsk slowly dotted its way onto my radar. A city once fond of its WW2 chemical weapons manufacturing, now a crumbling wreck. Imagine the scene – ton after…

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  • Terrible Trips

    Tskaltubo – The Most Abandoned Town on Earth?

    For Lowri Tskaltubo – The World’s Most Abandoned Town Like the sweat pouring from my forehead, that blaring Tbilisi heat wouldn’t quit. Something wasn’t quite right about the water park we visited, it had a telltale lack of water, almost…

  • Hong Kong Markets
    Best Things Come in 3's

    3 Alternative Markets in Hong Kong

    How to waste money in the Hong of Kong There are a few things synonymous with Hong Kong. Fantastic street food, knock-off Rolex watches and of course their street markets are always a hot favourite. But what if you’ve eaten…

  • yakutsk
    Terrible Trips

    Yakutsk – The Coldest City on Earth?

    Have you ever stepped outside and realised it’s so cold that you can feel the liquid on your eyes chilling between blinks? I have, it happened a long time ago, in a little city known as Yakutsk. There are some…

  • Best Things Come in 3's

    3 Oddball Jobs You’ll Only Find in Russia

    Russia is not only the largest country on planet earth, but also the most utilitarian country on planet earth. It is basically paradise for a hard-working proletariat like myself. Some people are easily impressed with bargain-basement attractions like colourful churches…

  • picture of babushka holding a knife
    Best Things Come in 3's

    3 Pros and Cons of Babushkas

    Babushkas, what are they and what do they do? Russia is a mighty machine. A big country, full of people with big hearts and big dreams. But what exactly are the cogs that keep this mighty machine of a country…